Small Space Solutions: Nesting Bed

My uncle loves Music. He often hosts musical soirees. His living room setup is good for stimulating conversation with cozy seating and warm artworks but pays no attention to this particular need. Every time, he runs around with mattress and sheets from other rooms to make platforms that can accommodate minimum of two instruments(Tabla and Harmonium) and two performers.

In comes this nesting bed.Footprint of a single bed/daybed/divan,possibility of double bed(s).
Slide out the second bed
Switch the mattresses
BAWDO MAMA 3In preparation for the soiree ; a generous surface that can accommodate the instruments and the musicians. There are some important dimensions to consider: the height of the taller bed is seating height (18 to 20 inch including the mattress). The height of the shorter bed is such that it sits snugly underneath the taller bed including the mattress on it. The clearance on the shorter bed is enough so that the floor underneath can be cleaned effortlessly. These two beds of legged platforms can be outfitted with lockable casters for easy maneuvering.
Needless to say, these can function as two beds.
In our Bangladeshi household, we often banish our domestic help in their very tight sleeping quarter. This nesting bed can actually make a sleeping space in the living room and still maintain the look during the day. Of course this will only ‘lower’ the social barrier, not eliminate it. That is something that has to be dealt long term and need to be address in terms of bigger footprint and privacy for the domestic helps in future Apartment/small space design.
Another tradition that has disappeared since the emergence of Apartment living is the tradition of hosting long term guests. Specifically, hosting distant relatives to help them get a higher study and such. Now, there are many factors other than smaller footprint that contribute to this. As a designer, I’m looking at this aspect. This nesting bed can reintroduce this incredibly generous tradition that are emblem of our culture.



  1. I love your nesting bed/daybed solution. It is exactly what I am looking for. Where can I find/order?

    1. Thank you! Unfortunately, this bed is designed to be custom built in Bangladesh, and not in production yet. Perhaps you can get one made with local craftsmen? You can also make do with an IKEA pull out bed (one model is ‘Flaxa’), and a custom height mattress. Hope that helps.

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