IMG_2514 This “kherokhata” or notebook is where I jot down my learning and musings on Ecoliving and compassionate, edited Interior Design as well as about related issues like urban design,urban mobility design. It is targeted towards the non-designers. A believer in regenerative,accessible design,I’m interested in everything from food politics to movie sets. I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh, currently stuck in North America. ‘Think globally, act locally’ is the mantra I try to live by.


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  1. Read your latest blog. Very well written! I’ll try to follow your blogs from now on 🙂 I too am from Dhaka, currently living in North America. I am interested in social mobility, the first step towards which, I think, is accessible education (especially in context of Bangladesh). So that’s where I’m headed – Education Policy. (Though, I’m a theoretical physicist, with close to zero interest in politics itself. But then, policy isn’t politics – or, at least, doesn’t have to be.)

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